Faschinated with magic and mysticism, My Secret Agent Lover Man is a treasure chest filled with jewellery that whisper tales of fairy dust, exotic places, dangerous adventures and forgotten tales of magic. The idea is to create jewellery that is fun and frivolous, jewellery that inspire us to dream and to believe in the many impossible things we used to believe in when we were little.

The jewellery is bold, quirky, unique- definitely not for the faint hearted! The designer has described the MSALM girl as constantly seeking adventures, loves to experiment, and lives fiercely by the motto 'you only live once'!


My Secret Agent Lover Man was founded in the Spring of 2010 by designer Kim Wong. Graduating from university with a major in Gold and Silversmithing, the designer was awarded the "Jewellery Design Innovation Award" for her unique and quirky designs. She then went on to exhibit in various galleries across Australia as a contemporary artist, with one of her pieces landing a short feature on MTV picked up by celebrity Ruby Rose. After a short stint in the contemporary world, her fascination and interest in fashion led Kim to start her own jewellery label- so My Secret Agent Lover Man was born.

Today Kim continues to design and work from her home in her tiny studio, doing research, sketching and overseeing all manufacturing aspects and then meticulously hand assembles her pieces using a variety of materials from precious to non precious, slowly growing them into finished MSALM jewels! When she's not working on her jewelry, Kim can be found buried in her books, which takes her to far away places or being surrounded by family and friends enjoying love, life and good food! x
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